Loren Miller

About Me

I am an experienced Co-Owner of Universal Programming LLC with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. I am skilled in Web Development, SQL Databases, Cloud Technologies, Microsoft Servers, and PHP. I am a strong business development professional graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho.


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

April 2019 Brigham Young University - Idaho

GPA: 3.0

Relevant Coursework: Web Backend Development, Systems Security, Business Intel and Analytics, Mobile Application Development, Operating Systems, Database Administration, User-Interface Interaction, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure Programming

Significant Projects: Built nearly all major data structures from scratch in C++, created an e-commerce site using Node.js, created an Asteroids replica in both Python and C++ and many other projects dealing with smartphone apps, video games, websites and desktop applications.

Job Experience

Web Developer

July 2019 - Present Nightforce Optics & Horus Vision

Backend Developer, Frontend Developer and Network Engineer for Nightforce Optics and Horus Vision websites.
Build, maintain and update all content and coding pertaining to the Nightforce Optics and Horus Vision websites.


December 2014 - Present Universal Programming LLC

Team lead for all contracts dealing with desktop and web applications.
Setup and manage a software development life cycle model for projects and employees.
Setup and maintain all resources used by Universal Programming LLC, such as; Git Repo’s, IDE’s, Servers and Databases.

Shipping Assistant

Aug 2014 - Dec 2014 The Occasions Group

It was my job at Artco(The Occasions Group) to help increase the efficiency of the new paper culture shipping department.
I helped come up with a new streamlined process of processing and shipping nearly 2000 shipments a day.


Nightforce Optics Website

July 2019 – Present Nightforce Optics

Rebuilt and redesigned the entire Nightforce Optics website consisting of 150+ pages.
Improved search and SEO rankings as well as increased traffic from 40-50k users to 60-70k users per month.
Maintain and update all content and functionality of the website.
Built from scratch a load balanced web environment with no single point of failure.
Developed a integrated an e-commerce store based from the Aimeos E-commerce core.

Horus Vision Website

Dec. 2019 – Present Horus Vision

Rebuilt the entire Horus Visison website into the TYPO3 CMS from raw php.
Improved search and SEO rankings as well as increased traffic from 2-3k users to 20-30k users per month.
Maintain and update all content and functionality of the website.

Apex Locating Services Website

Apr. 2019 – Mar. 2019 Universal Programming LLC

Designed a website for Apex Locating Services to improve traffic and usability.

Coherent Inc. Contact Database & Admin Tool

Mar. 2018 – Jun. 2018 Universal Programming LLC

Developed a MySQL database to hold all and any information needed to identify vendors by contact information, products sold or location.
Using a combination of HTML, PHP, CSS and Expression Engine Markup, I created an Expression Engine Plugin that acted as an admin tool to create, read, update and delete information from the database and subsequent JSON file in a RESTful manner.

Pig Bowl Website

Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018 Universal Programming LLC

Built a website for the non-profit Pig Bowl Association in Sacramento California.
Created and designed a WordPress template to help generate more traffic using modern SEO practices.
Ticket Sales improved by 60% after the launch of the website, a 22,000-ticket sale increase.

Coding Languages

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP

C++, C#, Java, Python


Technology Skills

Front End & Back End Development, Mobile Development

Git, gitHub, gitLab

RESTful API, CRUD Applications

Get in Touch

Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
+1 916 204 5924